Winter is just around the corner and as a good cyclist you have to equip yourself with adequate winter clothing to not die trying.

Cycling is a sport that is practiced in any season of the year and for each time of the year you should buy the right clothes.

In this post we are going to focus on informing you about the right winter clothing for cycling (whether mountain biking or road cycling).

Let’s get started!

  • Sport mask with hole and sport mask without holes

Both come with filter and are reusable, the material used for them is high quality neoprene. They are fixed on the ears like surgical masks but these are more comfortable for sports and offer high protection.

  • Gel cycling gloves

Necessary from the onset of cold weather. It is essential that our hands are steady when maneuvering and our fingers are able to operate the brake at the right time.

  • Cycling socks

Their material is generally made of polyamide, which perfectly absorbs moisture or water and also ensures air circulation. These socks are recommended and very appropriate for more intense cycling. You can choose between a short or long model, the short model being ideal for regulating the areas where pressure is exerted.

  • Cycling Glasses

Cycling glasses have become an almost essential accessory. They are not only to protect our eyes from the annoying rays of the sun when cycling, but also to protect us from the air, dust, mosquitoes or small stones that may jump. The first thing to look out for is that the lenses have the European Union’s ultraviolet protection certification. They should be made of polycarbonate, to protect from the impact of stones and other elements. That they provide a good field of vision. That they have ventilation. And that they are interchangeable or photochromic.

  • Reflective clothing

Winter has the darkest months of the year, plus weather conditions adversely affect road visibility. Our mission as cyclists is to protect ourselves and use as many reflective and cold insulating items as possible. We must see and be seen.

The most necessary element that you are misusing… THE HELMET

Do you wear the same helmet in summer and winter?

In the winter months, when the cold weather is harsher than ever, perspiration is not as high a priority. Protection against the cold wind is more important, which is why closed helmets (without vents) are the preferred choice. It may also be a good idea to wear a cap, scarf or hat under the helmet to warm up your head.

Any element that we combine and use together with the helmet must ensure that it will not interfere with the compactness of the helmet to fit our head and the closure.

Please never forget the importance of wearing a helmet on your winter rides. Accidents increase, cyclist deaths are concentrated in the months of November and December due to low visibility and road conditions.

Make sure you are well protected and wear appropriate clothing to be seen in all circumstances. Incorporate, if necessary, emergency lights to increase the visibility of your bicycle and always respect road safety regulations.

From the Aoyang team we work to provide safety to all cyclists with our components for their bikes. We distribute our products to hundreds of customers all over the world, so that you, cyclists, can find them in your trusted store.

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