If you are a lover of cycling and bicycles, you probably read things that by now you know perfectly well. But, if you are just getting into this world and want to know more about bicycle cassettes, we invite you to read on.


The cassette is the gearbox of a bicycle. It is also called sprocket set, because it is formed by a series of sprockets attached to the rear wheel. It determines the compatibility of almost all the other components of the bicycle, from the chain to the derailleur and shifter. 


This system incorporates the ratchet mechanism directly into the hub (central part of the bicycle wheel). The part that allows the wheel to rotate). Thanks to its good performance, it can be found today in practically any medium-high range bicycle.



  • The ratchet mechanism is incorporated directly into the hub (right side).
  • The cassette of a road bike generally varies between 7 and 11 speeds. 
  • The sprockets can be replaced individually. 



In Aoyang you can find cassettes from 8 to 13 speeds:

  • 8-speed cassette: Model GL – CS8F.  Combination of gears: 11-28T, 11-32T, 11-34T.
  • 9-speed cassette: Model GL – CS9F.  Combination of gears: 11-32T, 11-36T.
  • 10-speed cassette: Model GL – CS10F. Combination of gears: 11-36T, 11-40T, 11-42T.
  • 11-speed cassette: Model GL – CS11F.  Combination of gears: 11-42T, 11-46T, 11-50T.
  • 12-speed cassette: Model GL – CS12F. Combination of gears: 11-46T, 11-50T, 11-52T.
  • 13-speed cassette: Model GL – CS13F. Combination of gears: 11-50T, 11-52T.



They have larger sprockets due to the steepness of off-road trails and paths. Pedaling down a flat firebreak and then moving up a steep technical hill requires a significant jump between gears. To accommodate this style, the distance of the jumps between sprockets is greater: this is of enormous importance in mountain biking and is much more relevant than providing smooth shifting of small jumps between gears, a feature more common on road cassettes.

The 10- and 11-speed cassettes designed to work with the double and single chainrings are perhaps a great development, as they offer a greater range of gears, as well as a great fluidity between them. 



Most of these cassettes include an 11-, 12- or 13-tooth sprocket in their highest gear. The lowest gear will typically range from 21 teeth to 32, with single tooth increments per sprocket.

The vast majority of bikes come equipped with a 12 to 25 cassette, and when paired with a compact or standard crankset, it will be adequate for most situations, except very hilly cycling.

If you ride a lot of hills or have difficulty climbing hills, a cassette with a low sprocket set of more than 27 teeth can be useful by allowing you to ride longer. 



We will now explain how to remove the cassette, but you must take into account the type of cassette your bike has. As a general rule, to remove it you will need a cassette extractor and a chain wrench to prevent the cassette from turning when loosening the thread.


  1. Remove the nut on the right side of the axle.
  2. Place the appropriate extractor so that the splines fit perfectly on the spline of the cassette.
  3. Replace the nut on the axle, leaving some slack to prevent the extractor from moving and damaging the spline.
  4. Hold the cassette with the chain wrench.
  5. Use a wrench to turn the extractor counterclockwise.
  6. Remove the thread that holds the cassette, the sprockets and the spacers that make up the cassette.


To install the cassette, be careful to place the spacers and sprockets in the correct order. All sprockets and spacers have a particular knurling that prevents them from being placed in the wrong position. Many manufacturers have adopted the Shimano design and their sprockets are compatible. However, it is important that before buying a new cassette you verify that its spline is compatible with that of your hub.


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