Here we present all the components you need to make your bike perform at the highest level

Bicycle components

Bicycle frame

Consisting of the frame and fork, it is the structure that holds all the parts of the bicycle together. The most important factors to take into account are the material of manufacture and the structure, which will determine the lightness, rigidity, aerodynamics and comfort mainly. There are different types, for example aluminum frames, carbon frames or even titanium frames. In most road bikes, with climbs and descents, it is necessary to maintain a less aerodynamic geometry, but with a rigid structure. On mountain bikes the components are light and rigid to allow for maneuverability.

The fork

The fork is the part that controls the front wheel. Together with the frame, they form the body of the bicycle.


The brake system is one of the most essential and fundamental components of the bicycle. There are several types of brakes for bicycles, adapted to all types of cyclists and bicycles, such as disc brakes or rim brakes. V-Brakes are very reliable, easy to adjust and you can find replacement brakes at Terrabike. Regardless of whether you use rim brakes or disc brakes, investing in high quality brakes is a must to avoid crashes and accidents. High-quality brake pads are a guarantee for more efficient braking force and longer durability.


Most of the time during the routes we spend sitting on the saddle. Together with the bicycle pedals and the handlebar grips, the saddle is one of the points of contact between the bicycle and the rider. Therefore, buying a high quality, comfortable bicycle saddle directly influences the rider’s performance. With a good saddle, we reduce the main problems of bad posture, such as back, groin or hip pain, produced by the effort on the bike either by the shape or position of the saddle.

Chain and drive system

The drive system consists of all the parts that transmit the movement generated from our legs when pedaling to the rear wheel. It consists of the bottom bracket or center axle, the chainrings, the crankset, the pedals, the chain and the sprocket. Depending on the type of bicycle, it may include the derailleur or gear group, consisting of the front and rear derailleurs, the cassette and the levers to operate the gears.

The bicycle chain

It remains one of the most important components of the bicycle. It is the union of several links that allow the rotation of the crank to be transformed into movement. The chain engages the teeth of the crank and the cassette allowing the bike to move. It is important to maintain the chain regularly to extend its life.

The cassette

An essential part of the drivetrain, mounted on the rear wheel, is a part that moves along the chain to generate the different speeds and tensions when shifting. Derailleurs are also fundamental parts of the drivetrain system. The rear derailleur is the component that allows shifting on the cassette, moving the chain between the stars of the part. The front derailleur allows shifting on the front chainring by moving the chain through the stars of the crank. In turn, the crank is the axle on which the front derailleur system is mounted where the crank goes, allowing to generate power on the bicycle.

Handlebar grips and steering system

Handlebar grips

They are key elements in improving control and grip on the bike. The choice of grips will decide how much control the rider will have over the bike. The best grips are designed in rubber to fit the hands. The most common design is the locking grips, although there are several types of handlebar grips that you can find at Terrabike.

Steering system

Similarly, the steering system is very important. It includes the handlebars, the head tube, the cups and the fork or seatpost. All parts must be in perfect condition for better control of the bike.

Bicycle pedals

Pedals are one of the points of contact between the bicycle and the rider. They must be of adequate size to provide sufficient support for the feet and help, not only to improve the cyclist’s performance, but also for an optimal grip of the soles of the cycling shoes with the bicycle pedal.

Bicycle wheels

Wheels allow the bicycle and, therefore, the rider to move. Depending on the type of bicycle and the discipline practiced, the type of wheels required will be different. For road or triathlon bikes, the thinnest possible wheels are used to be more aerodynamic and provide greater traction against the ground.

Cyclists should pay attention when buying wheels for the bicycle, looking for the most optimal ones for the type of cycling they practice, since the terrain will be different. Attention should also be paid to changing weather conditions. The main characteristics or qualities when selecting wheels are rubber compound, tread design and construction/manufacture.

The wheel system for the bicycle also involves the tires or rims. 

Bicycle maintenance

A good maintenance of the bicycle is essential to avoid falls, injuries or that a minimum problem of a part can affect the others. Find the best components for your bike in Aoyang.

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